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Finding Your Purpose

By talking about it and thinking about it, all of you are in the process of figuring out your Purpose: “…what you’re trying to do or become.” Purpose will be your lifelong journey that’s based on

  • what you are naturally good at and enjoy doing
  • what you get excited about or care deeply about
  • what fits with your personal values and ways you prefer to operate in the world

Check out these handy tips for Exploring Your Purpose!

Over time, your Purpose will be fueled by your natural skills, passions and values. As a college student, your assignment is to work on identifying your Purpose so you can target options for your career path, college courses and out-of-classroom experiences.

Explore Over Summer

Summer is a great time to think about who you are and where you're heading. Here's a checklist of ideas to help you explore your purpose over the summer.
Explore Your Purpose

Interest Fields

Here's a great resource with details about broad list of career fields that may be of interest to you. Learn more about where you'd like to go after college.
Interest Fields

What can you do with your major?

College is about helping you develop the depth and breadth of your knowledge and skills. Here's a cool resource to help you learn more about different majors translate into likely careers.
What Can I Do With This Major?