Ask an Expert: How to Build and Talk about Teamwork Skills

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Ally Fox, Assistant Director, Career Services, Residential College in the Arts and Humanities and International Studies and Programs

Question: How can I build my teamwork skills while in college?

Experience engaging in teamwork is a skill sought out by most employers, and a competency that college students are especially primed to develop.

Teamwork is the ability to build and maintain collaborative relationships to work effectively toward common goals, while appreciating diverse viewpoints and shared responsibilities.

Simply by being in college, you’re interacting with diverse personalities, navigating conflict, and cooperating with others to achieve goals. Employers appreciate when you’re able to articulate the skills you have, even when you develop them outside of work experiences. Below are a few examples of activities that may help you develop your teamwork skills, as well as how to phrase it, as outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Group Projects

  • Effectively manage conflict, interact with and respect diverse personalities, and meet ambiguity with resilience.
  • Listen carefully to others, taking time to understand and ask appropriate questions without interrupting.
  • Collaborate with others to achieve common goals.

Student Organizations

  • Be accountable for individual and team responsibilities and deliverables.
  • Exercise the ability to compromise and be agile.

Part-Time Jobs and Internships

  • Build strong, positive working relationships with supervisors and team members/coworkers.
  • Employ personal strengths, knowledge, and talents to complement those of others.

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By Allison Fox
Allison Fox Assistant Director, Career Services Network