Ask an Expert: How to Build and Talk about Teamwork Skills

Question: How can I build my teamwork skills while in college?

Experience engaging in teamwork is a skill sought out by most employers, and a competency that college students are especially primed to develop.

Teamwork is the ability to build …

By Allison Fox
Allison Fox Assistant Director, Career Services Network
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Ask an Expert: Alternatives to Summer Internships

Q: I wasn’t able to land an internship this summer. What are my options to still gain some experience and build my skills?

Summer is a great time to engage in some resume building activities! Here are some ideas to …

By Rachel Mangiavellano
Rachel Mangiavellano Associate Director of Early Career Development & Experiential Education, College of Engineering
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Ask an Expert: Careers Working with Animals

Q: I’d like to pursue a career working with animals. Is becoming a veterinarian my only option?

It’s not! MSU alumni work with animals every day without degrees in Veterinary Medicine. You might consider some of the below opportunities as …

By Jill Cords
Jill Cords Assistant Director, Career Services Network
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Ask an Expert: How to Write a Creative Resume

Q: I’m planning to work in a creative field and want my resume to stand out without being “over the top.” How should I approach designing it?  

If you’re planning to pursue a major or field of study in a …

By Victoria Morris
Victoria Morris Assistant Director, Career Services Network
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Ask an Expert: How to Conduct an Informational Interview

I’ve been told that a good way to learn about different roles/industries is to conduct informational interviews with alumni in those spaces.  What’s the best way to approach conducting an informational interview?

Consider approaching an informational interview like an informal …

By Karissa Chabot-Purchase
Karissa Chabot-Purchase Assistant Director, Career Services Network
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Getting Ahead of the Game: Four Things to Think About Before Graduating

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior in college, you’ll inevitably have to make the change from college to a career. To prepare for this transition and lifestyle change, you might ask yourself a few important questions.

What do you …

By Kristi Coleman
Kristi Coleman Director, Network Partnerships and Career Education - Career Services Network
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Ask an Expert: Is Teaching the Right Career Path for You?

Question: I’m considering teaching as a potential career path. What do I need to know? 

Now more than ever, elementary, secondary, and special education teachers are needed to fill critical roles in K-12 schools. Newly trained and certified teachers are …

By Pepa Casselman
Pepa Casselman Career Consultant, College of Education
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Ask an Expert: Building a Portfolio Career

Question: I’m considering a career path that will involve working freelance (earning revenue from multiple streams).  What are some factors I should consider as I make my decision?

Are you interested in a career field where there is a lot …

By Christine Bastian
Christine Bastian Director of Career Education, College of Music
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Annual Collegiate Recruiting Survey: Hiring, Wages Expected to Climb

The job market for new college graduates is rebounding from the COVID-19-driven decline.

Phil Gardner, author of Michigan State University’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute annual Recruiting Trends survey, said employers who had slowed recruiting during the pandemic have accelerated efforts …

By Terri Hughes-Lazzell
Terri Hughes-Lazzell
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Ask an Expert: Taking “Perfection” Out of Exploration

Question: How do I know if I’m making the “right” major and/or career choice? 

As we enter November, it is often a common time of reflection for all of us as we round the corner to the end of the …

By Lauren Hinkel
Lauren Hinkel Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Coach - Russell Palmer Career Management Center
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