Ask an Expert: Highlighting Arts Experiences and Skills on Your Resume

Question: How should I highlight my arts experience on my resume and in an interview?

Many of us get involved in the arts to provide a creative outlet, have fun with friends, or help our mental health. And anyone who …

By Christine Bastian
Christine Bastian Director of Career Education, College of Music
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Ask an Expert: Cover Letters 101

Question: I’m applying to a role that asks for both a resume and a cover letter. What’s a cover letter? Does it really matter? How do I write an effective cover letter?

A cover letter is definitely one of the …

By Bill Morgan
Bill Morgan Experiential Learning & On-Campus Internship Coordinator, Career Services Network
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Ask an Expert: How to Write a Creative Resume

Q: I’m planning to work in a creative field and want my resume to stand out without being “over the top.” How should I approach designing it?  

If you’re planning to pursue a major or field of study in a …

By Victoria Morris
Victoria Morris Assistant Director, Career Services Network
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Ask an Expert: 5 Tips to Write a Resume if You Feel Like You Don’t Have Any Experience


Question: How can I write a resume if I feel like I don’t have any experience?

Answer: Traditional resume sections are more flexible than you might think! Class projects, volunteer work, and involvement in organizations are all worthy of …

By Allison Fox
Allison Fox Assistant Director, Career Services Network
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Tips for a Job Application Refresh

Stuck at home due to the pandemic (or for any other reason)? Especially if you’re between jobs, this could be the perfect opportunity to hit reset and take a fresh approach to your job applications. If you’re looking to say …

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Ask Alexis | Can I Leave a Job Off My Resume?

Dear Ask Alexis,

My last job was as a temp for two months. My boss at the job was traveling a lot so he had me report to somebody in HR. From the first day until I was told my services were …

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The Idealist Careers Guide to Presenting Yourself on Paper | Resumes and Cover Letters

Before you can land a job, you’ve got to get an interview. And to do that, you (almost) always will have to demonstrate your value and experience along with a hint of your personality in your cover letter and resume.

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How Can I Build a Winning Cover Letter for a Student Job?

Milinda from New Mexico State University asks:

“What would be an example of a good cover letter for a student job?”

Thanks for your question, Milinda.  Writing a cover letter for a student job is no different than for a …

By The Campus Career Coach
The Campus Career Coach | Real-world career advice for students.
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7 Ways to Address Your Cover Letter That Aren’t “To Whom It May Concern”

To Whom It May Concern: I am applying for this job I found at this company that I spent so little time researching I can’t quite remember what role is open and I’m not positive I know the name of …

By Karissa Chabot-Purchase
Karissa Chabot-Purchase Assistant Director, Career Services Network
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