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Changing Your Major

It’s normal for students to change their major once they start taking classes. However, it’s important to take a look at the reasons why you’re changing.

Taking a career assessment can help you understand where your interests lie and offer some insight into the reasons for your decision.

How do I find the appropriate undergraduate academic advisor for a major I’m interested in?

Majors are connected to Colleges. Search the Academic Programs catalog to find what college the major is in. 

Some departments on-campus have faculty advisors while others employ full-time academic specialists to serve as advisors. Depending on the college you are switching to or from, the process for meeting with an advisor may vary. The Student Affairs or Undergraduate Programs office for the college is a good place to start.

Which advising office do I see to officially change my major?

Freshmen and Sophomores

Students with 55 or fewer credits initiate changes of major preference with:

  • Appropriate undergraduate academic adviser in the major college
  • Any Undergraduate University Division student affairs office

Juniors and Seniors

  • A student wishing to change a major in one degree college to a major in another degree college (or within the same college) must initiate the change with the appropriate undergraduate academic adviser college to which the student wishes to transfer.
  • The student must meet the requirements for graduation given in the catalog current at the time the change is effective.
  • Twenty credits must be completed while enrolled in the major in the college in which the degree is to be earned.