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Choosing a Major

Most students don’t know what major to choose. You’re attending college to learn, but you’re learning about yourself, too. Try some of these things to help you explore and learn!

  • Meet with a career adviser can suggest strategies to help you uncover or narrow down your interests. 
  • Check out Career Research Tools to find resources to help you browse career options.
  • Review What Can I Do With This Major resources
  • We have career and interest assessment tools that you can use to narrow down your search. To get started, make an appointment with one of our career advisers.
  • Talk to professors, academic advisers, parents and fellow students about your ideas and what they have experienced.
  • Another great way to get information on an area of study is to talk with someone currently working in that field. Check out the section on informational interviewing for suggestions on finding the right person to interview, plus a list of questions that will help you get the information that’s most useful to you.
  • Take classes related to different fields (majors) to narrow down your choices.
  • Take advantage of all the volunteer and research opportunities available at MSU.
    As you have new experiences in college, you’ll probably find that your interests and preferences change and develop, which helps with your decision.