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Continuing Your Education

So you’re thinking about what you’re going to do next and you’re thinking about possibly getting another degree. But there are the right reasons to go to grad or professional school, and then there are the wrong reasons. Many students actually tell us that they think they need to get another degree because “everyone” has a bachelor’s degree these days and it’s not worth anything anymore. That is not the case. If you’re thinking about getting another degree, first figure out if you’re a good candidate for an advanced degree, or if you should re-think your plans.  

Why go to graduate school?

You want to know more and be able to use it to help people, research, teach, make a great discovery….As a graduate or professional student, you become part of the process for advancing and creating knowledge in your field. Be prepared for changes - the expectations from faculty members are different than for undergraduates and far more demanding.

The career you want requires an advanced degree. Clearly, if you want to be a doctor, a lawyer, or a faculty researcher an advanced professional degree is required. In order to advance in some fields – such as social work, public administration, education, and business – you may need to complete a professional master program.

You want to make more money. Having a advanced degree does not always translate to more money. Salaries for someone with an advanced degree do no always mean better chances of finding a job, either. They key here is to do some solid research on your profession and the demand for people with advanced degrees.

How can I decide if graduate school is for me?

Talk with current graduate students and faculty or professionals in your field. Ask them why they chose graduate school. How has it helped them in their careers and life goals? What advice would they give to a student thinking about graduate school? 

More exploration…

Attend MSU’s annual Graduate Law Professional School Fair in October to meet and get information from recruiters representing schools and programs around the country.