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Destination Survey

Administered annually by the MSU Career Services Network, the Destination Survey attempts to document the post-graduate outcomes of MSU students who received a bachelors degree during the spring and summer semesters, offering a snapshot of their progress during the initial transition out of college.

webpage with MSU infographic

(Spartan Success story highlights 2016 Destination Survey)

Complete Report: 2017 Destination Survey 

MSU wide – All Colleges 2017 Destination Survey
(without introduction and appendix sections)

Methodology, Contents & Credits 2017 Report

All Colleges Appendix: Graduate Schools; Employers; Job Titles

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources: Destination Survey Report 

College of Arts and Letters: Destination Survey Report 

Residential College in the Arts and Humanities: Destination Survey Report 

College of Business: Destination Survey Report

College of Communication Arts and Sciences: Destination Survey Report

College of Education: Destination Survey Report

College of Engineering: Destination Survey Report

Honors College: Destination Survey Report

School of Hospitality Business: Destination Survey Report 

James Madison College: Destination Survey Report

Lyman Briggs College: Destination Survey Report

College of Music: Destination Survey Report

College of Natural Science: Destination Survey Report 

College of Nursing: Destination Survey Report

College of Social Science: Destination Survey Report

Teacher Certification: Destination Survey Report