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Benefits of Informational Interviews and Job Shadowing

Informational interviews and job shadowing offer a way to explore a career field in thirty minutes or less. Although an informational interview or job shadow won’t immediately result in a job, it’s a great way to get you noticed for a future position. If you make a good impression on a human resources staffer during an informational interview, you’ll likely be kept in mind as a candidate when a job does open up. Some key benefits of informational interviews and job shadows are:

  • Learning. If you want to find out what a specific career path has to offer, what the positives and negatives are within an organization’s culture, or which academic major will best prepare you for a selected career path, why not ask the people who are already working within that field?

  • Building Relationships. In a recent national survey, 70% of respondents reported they got their present position because of a personal contact. The earlier you start building relationships with people in your field of interest, the stronger they will be when you actually begin your job hunt later on.

  • Linking. See how your skill development, courses, and academic planning can connect to your future success on the job.