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Job Offer Reneging Policy

The Career Services Network, including the Russell Palmer Career Management Center (The Broad College of Business), at Michigan State University subscribes to the following employment offer policy:

A job acceptance is a major commitment to your new employer. You should only make this type of commitment if you intend to honor it.

As soon as you accept a position, you need to cancel all other interviews that you have scheduled. It is inappropriate to continue discussions with other potential employers once you have accepted an offer.

Reneging can severely damage your reputation, not only in the short-term, but also for the duration of your career. Reneging also has negative implications on the University’s relations with the employer and can affect opportunities for other MSU students. The University does not sanction a renege situation on your part for any reason. You can avoid a reneging situation by carefully planning and managing your entire job search process.

Reneging Implications with the MSU Career Services Network:
• If you renege on a full-time offer, you will be suspended from using Handshake and any alumni services provided by Career Services until the issue is resolved.
• If you renege on an internship offer, your access to Handshake will be suspended until issue is resolved.

Get in touch with us:
• Meet with a representative from your career center, if you need to discuss the situation in further detail.

NOTE: This policy deals with you reneging on your commitment to a company. It does not address a company revoking its commitment to you. If this type of situation arises, please see your career center representative.