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Career Clothes

For traditional careers—like banking, accounting, finance, engineering, law, and corporate positions—you’ll need a conservative look that conveys competence and authority.

  • Suits should have a classic cut or style and be dark in color (navy, dark grey, black, etc.)
  • Shirts and blouses should be a neutral color, like white, ivory, light grey, etc.
  • Ties and scarves should be subtle with a little color.

For those pursuing technical careers—in areas like engineering, information technology, sciences, etc.—a clean look that conveys knowledge, innovation, and approachability is important.

  • Suits should be conservative in subtle dark colors.
  • Blouses and shirts should be a subtle color.

People-focused careers—counseling, teaching, sales, and social work, for example—require an image that projects expertise but approachability.

  • Suits should be conservative in subtle dark colors; coordinate separates can work too
  • Blouses and shirts should be a subtle color.

The most opportunity for expression of personal style can be found in creative careers—like advertising, art, design, and entertainment, to name a few. In these fields you’ll need a contemporary image that conveys creativity, innovation, and competence.

  • Suits can vary in cut, style, and color; two-piece coordinates are acceptable 
  • Blouses and shirts should accent your total look
  • While you will often see professionals in these careers wearing jeans and other more casual clothing, it is best for prospective professionals to step it up a notch
  • Show your creative flair, but remember to look more like a professional than a student!