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Dressing for Career Fairs

What to wear to the fair

It’s best to err on the side of more formal: We recommend business professional. Dress for the most conservative company on your list. Don’t be remembered as “the extremely under dressed one!”


  • Suit – matching jacket + pants in gray, black or navy
  • Shirt – light colored or lightly patterned oxford
  • Tie – a little style is okay, but nothing too flashy
  • Shoes – polished black or brown dress and a belt!


  • Suit - two piece suit; if skirt, hemline near the knee
  • Shirt - oxford, sweater or sleeveless with modest neckline
  • Shoes - heels under 3 inches (no strappy shoes or sandals)
  • Jewelry - small earrings, necklace and wristwatch (a classic look!)

Notes for everyone

  • Don’t bring a backpack to lug around - opt for a messenger bag or purse
  • Bring a pad folio with resumes and paper/pen to take notes about employers
  • Visit and click “Jobs + Internships” then “Appearance and Attire”

Video: Business Formal vs Business Casual (2:29 minutes)