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Appearance and Attire

If you’ve been wearing jeans and sandals on campus, you may be in for a bit of culture shock when it comes time to start dressing professionally. Although the specifics of your dress code will vary by geographic region, the industry you work in, and the culture of your particular employer, chances are good that you’ll have to change the way you think about clothes.

The information provided here covers three key areas of business dressing: interviews, business professional, and business casual. Keep in mind that these are only guidelines; you should always ask your employer about the dress code policy. Also, don’t go out and buy a whole new wardrobe right before you start your new job. Take some time to observe what your co-workers are wearing and learn what’s acceptable. You’ll make a better impression and feel more comfortable in the workplace if you’re dressed appropriately.

Who wears what?

Unofficial dress codes are different in different industries. Click the Career Clothes link for clothing tips on what to wear in your career field.
Career Clothes

Dress essentials for everyone

Check out the Dress Essentials link for tips to help you make a good first impression.
Dress Essentials