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Using Social Media

Using Social Media for Networking
The use of social media in learning about potential career paths, receiving feedback on job search documents (e.g., resumes), connecting with alumni, and networking with professionals in your field of interest has one of the most important avenues for successful job seekers.

LinkedIn. Over 200 million professionals use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. See LinkedIn for College Students for information specifically geared toward student users. Learn how to effectively build your profile, connect with contacts, and find opportunities. tip: Search for and join groups based on interests and affinities. Join the SpartanLinks group! Being members of a common group expands your network and helps you connect with more professionals. Visit as one of many tools available for your job search.

Video: Using LinkedIn Effectively (2:39 minutes)

Presentation: Top Ten Tips for Using LinkedIn (20 slides)

Twitter. Stay updated with professionals or employers and keep others up to date with this instant information tool. Use Twitter directories like and to find professionals and organizations related to your interests that you may want to follow. Some organizations have Twitter accounts dedicated to job postings.

Facebook. Yes, employers and professionals areon Facebook too. Even if you don’t choose to add professional contacts as friends, be aware that employers (and your future colleagues) are very likely to look you up on Facebook or Google you before you even come in for an interview. If you like the idea of using Facebook for both personal and professional reasons, search pages and groups for field or employer specific info or communities. Also consider using your status updates strategically to help your network of friends help you.