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The PARK Method

Behavioral Questions in Interviews

Behavioral interviewing assumes that your past experiences are good indicators of your future abilities. You’ll be asked to tell stories about your past so that the employer can assess your skills and behavior. There may not be a right or wrong answer. There is only your answer that may reveal something about your qualities to the employer.

By having a good understanding the nature of the job and the organization, you can more accurately select examples from your life that have meaning to the employer. Naturally, you'll also need to have a good appreciation of your experiences and skills to answer Behavioral questions!

The PARK Method

The key is being able to talk about your experiences in such a way that employers can identify your skills and approach to problems.  Behavioral quesitions often begin with "Tell me about a time when you had to..." 

One way to help organize your answers and experiences is to use the PARK method. The PARK method helps you focus on the most relevant aspects of your experience for the employer in a structured way.

    P: the PROBLEM or situation (“What happened?”)

    A: the ACTIONS you took (“What did you do?”)

    R: the RESULTS or outcomes (“What was the result?”)

    K: the KNOWLEDGE you gained (“What did you learn? How did you apply it?”)