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Great, you’ve got an interview! Now what? First, make sure that you prepare appropriately. Afterward, take the next steps to stand apart from the other candidates.

The purpose of an interview is to create a two-way exchange of information:

  1. The employer evaluates your ability to fit in and do the job;
  2. You look for a match between your interests and skills, and the work environment and actual work.

Be prepared with information about the company and the job, as well as with questions that you have developed. Like attending a class, it helps to do your homework in advance and come prepared to take notes and ask questions. By taking these steps, you’re ready to be an active participant in this exchange about your future.

To help you prepare, this section of the website is organized to help you with: on campus interviews, phone interviews, and second interviews at the employers location.

To help you practice, click on the links to Practice Interview Skills and the InterviewStream online interview practice service.

To help you have Your Best Interview, watch this video!