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Interviewing on Campus

One of the most important tools for researching and finding jobs, and scheduling interviews is Handshake. Make the most out of it!  

  • Handshake allows you to search upcoming on-campus interviews for full-time and internship positions. You can submit your resume to employers online. Also, you are able to check if you were selected for an interview, as well as sign up for the interview time and date. 
  • Over 600 employers interview students from MSU throughout the academic year. Sign up for these interviews in your Handshake account. 
  • No Show and Late Cancellation Policy (PDF)

Interviewing Opportunities

  • Pre-Select Interviews. A two-step process. First you submit your resume and then the company decides which people they want to interview. Individuals chosen to interview will be able to sign up for an interview time. 
  • Open Interviews. First come, first served. Once all the interview slots are filled, the schedule is closed. 
  • Resume Drop. Resumes are collected for a specific position, but the company does not have a formal interview schedule set up.

Helpful tips:

  • Check interview schedules daily, and look ahead to dates for the whole semester. 
  • If you submitted a resume for a pre-select interview, note when you should check to see if you have been chosen. 
  • Make sure you note the date, time, and especially location of your interview. Some may be held in Career Services @ the Student Services Building, others in the new Russell Palmer Career Managment Center, and others at Career Services @ the Stadium!

To talk to someone about using Handshake for interviewing, make an appointment with a career advisor.