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Skype Interviews

In today’s job search, an interview with a potential employer could possibly take place over Skype; especially if this employer is out of the state. Often times people looking for internships and full-time jobs need to conduct skype interviews. These types of interviews have similar qualities like a phone interview (check those out here), but there are extra steps one must take to be a part of a Skype interview. Here are some tips to help you be a part of a successful Skype interview.

Dress to Impress

When it comes to interviewing over video chat, make sure to dress the part from head to toe. Clean yourself up a little and dress prepared like a face to face interview. It may be tempting to dress from head to waist and wear your favorite pair of pajamas, but consider this: what if you need to stand up and adjust yourself? That's what we thought.

Prepare Your Background

Consider your background before you go live. Is your background messy and cluttered? Be sure to tidy up and have a clean background from where you are sitting. Employers can get an idea how organized you are as well. Furthermore, think about closing out all other tabs on your computer that may create noise and tell your family members or roommates that you have a virtual job interview. The last thing you would want is your roommate blasting their newest rap playlist. Take all precautions to assure you have a quiet and professional area when you are interviewing.

Look at the Camera!

This may sound silly, but look at the camera when you are interviewing your potential employer. It can be easy to look at yourself when you are on Skype, but if you do this it looks like you are not looking at your interviewer and you are not engaged in your conversation. Tip: if you want to prevent doing this, you can put a sticky note over your personal video image.

Prepare for Technical Difficulties

Anything can happen with computers, so be prepared for the worst. Keep your computer plugged in and keep your phone at hand in case the interview style has to change suddenly. Also don't forget to update your computer or turn off the notifications to do so, we all know how annoying that can be if that's not taken care of!