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Work Study

The College Work-Study Program is a state or federally funded financial aid program whose purpose is to stimulate and promote part-time employment for students in need of earnings to finance their educational expenses. Work-study reimburses employers part of the cost of paying student employees.

How does this affect me?

All student jobs with MSU departments are work-study eligible. Some departments designate student jobs as “work-study” and only qualifying students may apply (i.e., those with work-study in their financial aid package.) For more information on work-study, please visit the Office of Financial Aid.

Work-Study eligible does not mean you will be awarded a job. You must find and apply for a job, and satisfy the employer’s requirements to be hired and retained.  You receive a paycheck every other week and are responsible for using the money for educational expenses.

How do I check if I have been awarded work-study?

  • Go to StuInfo
  • Login using your MSU NetID (everything before @ in your MSU e-mail address) and e-mail password. (For example, sparty would be the NetID for Click “Login”.
  • Under Financial Aid, click “eFinaid (Check Your Aid)”.
  • Click “Step 4 to view your financial aid. The next page will list types and amounts of financial aid you qualify for. If you have Work-Study, it will be listed under AID PROGRAM as one of the following: MCH Mich Work-Study Grad, MCH Mich Work-Study Ungr, or FED College Work-Study

NOTE: “Student Employment” does not mean you have work-study. Visit the Office of Financial Aid to learn about the difference between Student Employment and Work-Study.

Search for "MSU" jobs on Handshake. Yes, all MSU student jobs are eligible for "Work Study" students! Click here if you need help getting started.