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Virtual Career Fairs

A virtual career fair may not have physical employer booths and crowds of students, but the way you prepare and present yourself is very similar between an in-person and virtual career fair. You'll be physically alone in your online experience, but interacting via messaging, voice and video. Be ready to substitute your smile for the traditional handshake!

Employer Tips about Virtual Career Fairs

Here are some virtual career fair preparation tips designed to help you be more comfortable and successful.

Register online ahead of time:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to register. 
  • Companies may be able to view your profile ahead of time and be excited to talk with you!

Read online platform instructions:

  • Virtual career fairs and the type of engagement may differ depending on the platform.
  • Test drive the virtual fair platform by clicking around and looking for examples or FAQs.

Create a calendar reminder:

  • Details about a virtual career fair can easily slip your mind.
  • Set calendar reminders for the day before and two hours before.

Research participating companies:

  • Prior to the Virtual Career Fair, open the list of employers and pick five (5) companies that interest you most and another five (5) that may be a second tier interest.
  • Research your priority companies thoroughly through company websites and online resources (e.g., newspapers, business journals, LinkedIn, social media, etc.)
  • This will allow you to highlight your relevant skills plus help guide your questions for recruiters 

Prepare your resume:

  • Your resume should be clean, concise and up to date.
  • Have a digital copy loaded to the online platform and ready to email if requested by recruiters.
  • Make sure to have your resume in PDF form to avoid any digital re-formatting issue.
  • Bonus: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date so you can request to connect!

Prepare your introduction:

  • Your short introduction should cover your education, work experience, and future goals.
  • Example: “I'm a junior studying psychology with a minor in environmental and sustainability studies. I currently work in the MSU Admissions Office as a Tour Guide Intern. I'm looking for a summer internship.”

Prepare your technology and space:

  • Make sure your laptop has a great internet connection, is charged, and has a camera and microphone.
  • Find a quiet location where you'll be assured of privacy and no interruptions or distractions.
  • Check for soft lighting and a plain wall or bookshelf background. And silence your phone! 

Dress up for a career fair:

  • Wear professional attire, look well groomed, and be sure you are in a quiet location during the fair.
  • The platform may or may not have video-chat ability, but you’ll want to look your best in case an employer wants to video-chat with you outside of the fair.

Take the initiative:

  • Don’t just log in and wait to be contacted by a recruiter.
  • Reach out to the employers you're interested in and introduce yourself.

Use professional communication:

  • Use clear, professional communication when talking or messaging with employers.
  • No shortcut text lingo - grammar matters.

Finish strong:

  • Ask for next steps when finishing a conversation with a recruiter.
  • Take notes to organize a spreadsheet of employer contact information (ask for contact information!)
  • Send thank you notes!