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Career Guides

MSU’s Career Services Network has developed award-winning career guides to help students—from freshmen to seniors—prepare for life after college.  

Career Handbook 2019-20

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Smaller sections are listed below as separate files to make it easier for you to get the info:

Getting Started - the first step is learning about your MSU Career Services Network resources;
Explore & Experience – exploring your purpose; exploring career options, building knowledge and connections, thinking about an advanced degree, developing skills through experience;
Create, Communicate, Connect – resumes, action verbs, cover letters, communication essentials (phone, email and thank-you notes), personal statements, portfolios;
Make Your Move – why you need a search strategy to find a job or internship, developing your strategy, info for international and liberal arts students, casting a wider net, building your network, dressing to impress; 
Connect With Employers - getting results at a career fair, interviewing, negotiating job offers, professionalism and ethical behavior.

PDF of 72-page publication (11MB)

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You can also download smaller PDFs!

12 Essentials for Success 

Career Services Network, with the assistance of employer partners, created this guide to show how expectations in the workplace are connected to college experiences. The competencies described here should be considered fundamental to your MSU education. Although these aren’t the only skills employers seek, they appear repeatedly in entry-level job descriptions.

This guide doesn’t just define these competencies. It shows—through examples from successful MSU alumni, students, faculty, and staff—how these skills fit into the workplace.  It also provides suggestions on ways you can gain experience in these areas while at MSU. Developing your talents and skills takes time and effort, but the investments you make now will pay dividends for a lifetime.

Entire 30-page document
One-page summary

International Student Employment Guide

In today’s increasingly global economy, international students educated in the U.S. bring unique benefits to the employers: diversity, adaptability, global perspectives and connections, to name just a few. However, it can be very difficult for international students to navigate the U.S. job searching process. Both international students and U.S employers can be unfamiliar with working visa options. For the universities, staff and faculty are also trying to receive necessary training to better support both parties. This guides aims to help international students, U.S employers, and university advisors by providing the basic information and strategies to navigate the process.