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Job Posting Effectiveness

Are you wondering why more men (or more women) are applying for your company’s open positions. Words in your job posts may be gender biased.

Social scientists at the University of Waterloo and Duke University found that job ads in male-dominated fields (like software programming) tended to use masculine-coded words such as “competitive” and “dominate” much more than job ads in female-dominated fields. Research confirmed these words made the job listings less appealing to women. Similar language biases were found in job ads in fields dominated by women.

Behavioral economist Iris Bohnet suggests two key ways to take the gender bias out of job ads:
1. Edit out the gendered language 
2. Limit the number of mandatory qualifications

Resource Suggestions:

Gender Decoder for Job Ads – a free job description analysis software that helps identify gender-coded words.
Textio – an online subscription service that claims to predict the performance of your job listings and provide tips for improvements.