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Creating your own job

Do you have an idea for a start up business? Are you interested in working in an entrepreneurial environment? If "Yes!" you'll be glad to know that MSU has resources and connections just for you!

Get Started with your Start Up
Student entrepreneurs share a common space on Grand River Avenue in East Lansing, where members work on their own business ventures while collaborating with others to increase the probability of each venture’s success. 

  • The Hive Looking for a place to start? The Hive at MSU is a brand new “idea lab” designed to get students engaged in entrepreneurship while learning how to create and innovate early in a college career.
  • The Hatch is designed to host, encourage, cultivate, and enable student entrepreneurs to grow their ideas through a creative and collaborative environment. 
  • Entrepreneurship Association is an MSU student organization for students who are passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. Check it out!

Entrepreneurship-based academic programs
Many of MSU’s colleges incorporate entrepreneurship-based topics into their courses and academic programs. For example, the Broad College of Business offers support through the Institute for Entrepreneurship which is dedicated to advancing and promoting entrepreneurship at MSU through research, education and outreach.

Start Up Careers

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Start up businesses & entrepreneurs often participate in MSU career fairs!
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