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Do you have an idea for a start up business? Are you interested in working in an entrepreneurial environment? If "Yes!" you'll be glad to know that MSU has resources and connections just for you!

The Burgess Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

MSU is recognized as an international leader in Entrepreneurial Education. The Burgess Institute was created to empower students to learn through action by providing programs, courses, and resources to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and create new ventures. At MSU, students are primed to embrace failure mindfully, explore unknowns, and develop skills that matter. 

  • Burgess Institute Discovery Program
    Want to learn the basics about starting a business? Discovery is the program for new start up ideas! Check out the new Gaynor Entrepreneurship Lab, the front door to entrepreneurship at MSU.
  • Launch at The Hatch
    This team-based program is open to students who have completed the Burgess Institute Discovery Program. Start up teams will have access to a range of services along with access to The Hatch, a student entrepreneur shared space on Grand River Avenue in East Lansing.
  • Entrepreneurship Minor 
    Any undergraduate student at MSU can earn a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation regardless of their major or which college they’re enrolled in. Learn more about the 15 credit General Track minor and the two high-impact learning experiences students need to embark on in this unique minor. 
  • Student Organizations (with an entrepreneurial purpose)
    Students who are passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation will find like-minded communities at MSU. Whatever your interests, there's an MSU student organization for you. Check it out!

Questions? Want to learn more? Schedule an appointment with Desiree Melfi Bozzo.

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