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Hiring Students

Want to post an open job or internship for MSU students? Handshake is a web-based job listing system makes your job listings immediately accessible seven days a week, 24 hours a day to over 45,000 MSU Spartans and alumni. We offer a diverse talent pool to fit your many job needs from part-time and work-study to internships and summer opportunities.

Student Hiring Guidelines: MSU HR Website

Why Promote Jobs & Internships on Handshake?

  • Increase Your Visibility. Handshake makes your job listings immediately accessible to students.
  • Increase Student Traffic to Your Dept. Job Site. Simply post your opportunitiy on Handshake and include an external link to your application or website. This allows students to see the post while allowing you to manage your applications in the manner you prefer. 
  • Quickly update your postings.  Handshake allows you to access and update your job postings any time 24/7.  It also retains your old job postings so you can easily go in, make updates, and quickly post new opportunities.
  • Posting a job or internship is fast, easy, and free!

Get Started in Handshake as an MSU Dept. Employer:

  1. Visit and click "Michigan State University sign on" then select the "Employer" tab (if you're not already in the system)
  2. Using your email address, set up your employer contact account and link to your MSU department.
  3. Once your account in Handshake is connected to your MSU department you'll be able to post student employment opportunities (and more!). 
  4. MSU Staff/Faculty Tip Sheet for Hiring Students with Handshake 

Once you’re done you'll receive an email that will verify your job posting. You'll also be able to log in to manage your job posting, enter future postings, update your account information, and more.

Questions? Contact Bill Morgan at or Beth Boehmer at 

Thank you for using Handshake -- it's where students go to find jobs!

Note: MSU no longer has access to the MySpartanCareer system (closed down in June 2016).