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I@S Supervisors

The Internships@State program helps MSU departments develop internships for current students. The campus-wide I@S program allows students to gain real world experience in any of our 240 departments.  Your help in identifying and creating internship opportunities for students is critical.  Please contact if you’d like to identify opportunities in your area, need help locating candidates for an internship, or if you need assistance with any part of the I@S process. Thank you!

What is an internship?
According to the National Society for Experiential Education, an internship is “a carefully monitored work or volunteer experience in which an individual has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what he or she is learning through the experience.” Internships are an important piece of the experiential learning process - “learning by doing."

What is I@S?
Internships@State (I@S) is a program designed to provide Michigan State University students with internships in MSU departments. The focus of the program is helping to create more on-campus internships.  Internships at MSU allows students to save time and money while obtaining valuable real-world experience with a world class employer - MSU! I@S began in 2008 and is designed to identify and build internship opportunities at MSU. As a Boldness by Design initiative for Enhancing the Student Experience, the expectations of this program are to:
1.Expand work opportunities for undergraduate students
2.Enhance student’s understanding of practical academic learning
3.Prepare students better for the work force
4.Increase the demand for MSU graduates
5.Become a Benchmark Institution for education and preparing students for the working world.
Internships are a piece of the experiential learning, or “learning by doing,” process.
I@S provides MSU students with:
1.Practical experience
2.Professional mentoring and training
3.Enhanced skills needed after graduation

I@S Requirements for a position to be eligible for an internship at MSU:
1.The intern must be an MSU student
2.Internship must be a minimum of 6 weeks in length
3.Position offers professional development and adds value to the department
If you need help creating an internship, please contact Bill Morgan .

Supervising Interns
Download and save or print our Supervising Interns document which includes tips on setting up the internship, how to prepare for the first day, managing interns, as well as a handy Internship Checklist. We'll outline the process below.

The Internship Process
1) Developing internships
There are many internship opportunities for students at MSU. To begin looking in your department, think of:
A) Current student employees
•What students do you have currently working in your department?
•Review duties to see if they meet the I@S internship requirements (below)
•Other duties that can be added to this position to turn into an internship
B) New intern positions
•Where do you need extra help?
•What upcoming projects or events need more attention?
•Areas that need consideration but no one has been able to get to them yet
C) Student needs
I@S often hears from students looking for specific internship experiences. Departments will be contacted to see if they can offer opportunities for students.

I@S Guidelines
1) Responsibilities of participating MSU Department/Supervisor:
•Provide a meaningful experience
•Provide proper supervision
•Complete the Learning Agreement with the student intern
•Complete two evaluations (mid & final internship supervisor evaluations)
•Regular communication with intern regarding their performance
•Internships can be paid or unpaid (preferably paid!)
IMPORTANT: Interns must be registered in the EBS HR employment system, even if they are not being paid
IMPORTANT: There is no employment obligation by the employer or student intern once the internship is completed.

2) Internships for MSU class credit
•If a student wants credit, it is THEIR responsibility to discuss this with a faculty/advisor in their academic department. Important: Only an MSU academic department can issue the college credit, not the department hiring the intern.
•If a student is getting credit for their internship at MSU, the position must still be registered in the EBS employment system
•For credit internships will not be required to complete the I@S evaluations. Instead, paperwork required by the academic department for internships must be completed by the supervisor.

Finding Interns
Handshake is MSU students’ one-stop-shop for on- and off-campus job listings for part-time, summer, internship and full time positions.  MSU departments should promote their internship opportunities on Handshake.  If you are new to Handshake (we switched from MySpartanCareer in June 2016) and need help with posting a position, please visit their helpful Employer guides.
Need additional assistance? Please email Bill Morgan at  
Career Fairs can be a good way to meet a lot of students in one day. The MSU Career Services Network hosts a Earn, Learn & Intern job fair in early September and a Summer Job & Internship fair in mid March.  Employers can sign up for a table at these career fairs on Handshake . Many career fairs are free for MSU departments. To learn more or for help, call (517) 884-1300.
Networking on campus with faculty, staff and students is a great way to find intern candidates.  Spread the word throughout your department and MSU!

Hiring Interns
Hiring students, including interns, by MSU departments must happen through the Human Resources system in EBS. It is now possible to add an intern who is paid hourly, lump sum or unpaid.  By adding the student as in Intern in EBS, it is officially recorded that the student is spending time with employees in an MSU department in an internship capacity. Follow the same MSU Student Employment policies and procedures when bringing a new student intern into your department. 

Questions about hiring interns in EBS? Contact Bill Morgan at or Beth Beohmer at for help.

Required Forms
The I@S program has specific forms that are required for an internship to be officially recognized through the program.

  • Learning Agreement is the foundation document that must be completed by the intern and  supervisor within the first few weeks of a student’s internship start date. A copy of this signed document is forwarded to the I@S office (instructions are on the form)
  • Mid- and Final Evaluation Forms are completed by both the student and the internship supervisor.  Intern and supervisor review their forms together and copies of each are sent to the I@S program (instructions are on each form.) In case you don't recieve these via email from the I@S team, forms are posted here:

I@S Learning Agreement
Mid Internship Evaluation - Supervisor
Mid Internship Evaluation - Student
Final Internship Evaluation - Supervisor
Final Internship Evaluation - Student

Note: Email Bill Morgan at to request forms if any of the links above are broken!

Bottom Line: Why Hire Interns?
On-campus internships with MSU departments can be seen as a Win-Win-Win.
Benefits of MSU internships for students:
•Save $$$$: Keep local housing, decrease travel expenses
•Continue taking courses while interning
•Work in over 240 departments in almost any career field
•Be actively engaged in the business operations of MSU
•Work in a large organization: MSU employs over 30,000 worldwide
Benefits of internships for departments:
•Get to “try out” workers (see work habits before hiring)
•Grow your own workforce
•Help meet staffing needs
•Help on special projects
•Reduce costs/time spent recruiting
•Students have flexible schedules
•Keep students in community upon graduation
•Students can contribute new ideas
Benefits of internships for MSU overall:
•Students leave campus with a broader range of skills and abilities beyond academic knowledge that will help to educate the “outside” world about the value of MSU and the education the students receive
•Students engaged in University business will feel a stronger bond as alumni
•Experience can build opportunities for students to remain in Michigan