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As an MSU student, each of you is unique.  You each of have your own set of interests, skills, and beliefs.  You come from different backgrounds to study different majors with different levels of classroom and non-academic experiences.  What you have in common, however, is that you are all MSU students.  You will all eventually make the transition from being a student to being something else.  And only you can decide what that something else will be. 

The MSU Career Services Network is here to help you with resources and tools appropriate for college students.  We've put together materials specifically designed to help college students make the transition from college to career.

Do I need a resume?

Your resume tells your story. It's your application to an interview and your talking points at the interview. Even for part time jobs, the resume serves as your application.
Creating a Resume

Meet with a Career Adviser

A Career Adviser helps you with jobs and your career. (An Academic Adviser helps you with classes and your major.)
Career Advising