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Top 10 Things to Avoid

Employers representing many different industries/specialties have identified their Top 10 Pet Peeves when it comes to resumes*:

  1. Spelling errors, typos, and poor grammar
  2. Too duty-oriented, reads like a job description and fails to explain the job seeker’s accomplishments
  3. Dates not included, or inaccurate dates
  4. No or incorrect contact info or unprofessional e-mail addresses
  5. Poor formatting, boxes, templates, tables, header/footer, etc.
  6. Functional resume as opposed to writing a chronological resume (remember, many conservative employers don’t like this format!)
  7. Overly long resumes (keep it to one page if possible)
  8. Long paragraphs
  9. Unqualified candidates (don't apply for positions you aren't qualified for!)
  10. Personal info not relative to the job (age, height, etc.)

* a recent survey of over 2,500 recruiters across both the U.S. and Canada,