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Freshmen: Start here, start now!

It’s never too early to start planning for your life after college. MSU Career Services is here to help you explore how your interests, values, skills and personality fit together to give shape to your future.  If you already know what you want to do, we can you prepare for your career path and search for great internships! 

Finding a Part Time Job
You can make money. Working 10-15 hours a week can help improve your grades. Work looks good on your resume.  MSU has plenty of work available for students!
Work in your residence hall
You’ll quickly discover that MSU has a very large campus.  Working in the dining hall near your room will help you manage your time and travel around campus.  Fall out of bed and be at work in 5 minutes.  Finish work and stop by your room on the way to class.  First apply at your dining hall and then apply at any dining hall office around campus.

Look on Handshake for opportunities 
At MSU, this is where you find job postings from employers wanting to hire Spartans for student jobs, summer jobs, internships and (eventually for you) full time jobs.  

Create your resume
A resume serves as your introduction to potential employers.  It’s your application to job opportunities in Handshake.  We can help you write or improve your resume.

Drop In Advising!
Stop by Career Services for quick help with Handshake, part time job searches and working on your resume. It's fast and free!

Confirming your major
Even if your confident in your major, it never hurts to get some help confirming your career interests and options.  MSU Career Services can help you!

Meet with a Career Consultant
Career Consultants and career advisors help you figure out what kind of work you want to do after your graduate.  Once you know your career interests, academic advisers can help you take the right classes so you can graduate.  Career Adviser appointments and walk in hours.

Career Assessments
Take a career assessment better understand your options after college. Check out the variety of career assessments that a career adviser can offer.

Action Plans
To get started on your career development, here’s a handy To Do list just for students. If you’re looking for a different way to reflect on your interests and explore your options, here’s a handy Major & Career Planning Guide

(Get good grades and) get involved on campus

Experience Outside the Classroom
Experience comes in all shapes and sizes. Join a student organizations, volunteer, research, work part time, intern. It’s up to you to take advantage of all of the opportunities MSU has to offer. Explore them here

Career Fairs that Freshmen should attend
The Earn, Learn & Intern job fair features more than 100 employers who hire students for on-campus and near campus part time jobs and internships.
The Summer Job & Internship fair features more than 100 employers from all over the state and country who are offering summer opportunities to MSU students.

Career Advising

Meet with an Career Adviser to help you navigate path towards your future.
Career Advising

Academic Advising

Need help with what classes you need for a certain major? Speak with an academic adviser!
Undergraduate Academic Advising Offices


Jobs just for MSU students!
Handshake for Students