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Thank You Letters

Always send a thank-you letter after an interview or other personal interaction. Show the people you met that you appreciate their time and attention. Thank-you letters can be sent via email, a hand-written note, or formal letter.

Email or paper mail thank you note? As with most things, it depends on the organization. More conservative employers will likely prefer a formal letter. Employers who have a high-touch approach to customer service or a high level of relationship development with clients are more likely to prefer a handwritten note or card. But any employer with a quick turnaround time between interview and offer (you interview on Thursday and they tell you they plan to make a decision on Monday) should get an email thank-you letter.

Send the thank-you promptly —it’s best to send it within 24 hours of your meeting or exchange. The bottom line is that you want the letter to reach them before they’ve made their decision. If they haven’t told you what their timeline is, that’s one of the things you should ask before leaving the interview.

To avoid burning bridges that might be useful later on, you should even send a thank-you letter to an employer with whom you’ve decided not to accept a position.