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Where We Are

So where exactly is Career Services?

The Career Services Network is just that: a network. We're organized and located to be close to students and convenient for employers. Click on the map links below for a pinned location on the MSU campus map.

Career Services "hub offices"

Career Exploration Center
This is a great starting place for Freshman and available to all students, all majors and grades.
Student Services Building
556 E. Circle Drive, Room 113
Career Peer Team contact:
(517) 355-9510

Russell Palmer Career Management Center
Dedicated to serving undergraduate and graduate students interested in a career in business (even if you're not a "business major".)
Broad College of Business
Minskoff Pavilion
651 N Shaw Ln Rm M120
(517) 432-0830
Staff directory

Employer Engagement Center
The focus here is in helping employers connect with students: interviewing, career fairs, and more.
Spartan Stadium Office Tower
535 Chestnut Road, Room 290
(517) 884-1300

PhD & Graduate Career Services
For masters, PhD and post Doc level students (you know who you are...)
The Graduate School 
Chittenden Hall
466 W. Circle Drive, Room 130

Career Services "college offices"

College of Natural Science
Natural Science Building
288 Farm Lane, Room 153
Brian Telfor

College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Morrill Hall of Agriculture
446 W. Circle Drive, Room 121
Jill Cords
College of Arts & Letters
Linton Hall
479 W. Circle Drive, Room 200
Christie Schichtel

College of Communication Arts & Sciences
Communication Arts & Sciences Building
404 Wilson Road, Room181
Randi Martinez

College of Education
Erickson Hall
620 Farm Lane, Room 134-A
Pepa Casselman

College of Engineering
Wilson Hall
219 Wilson Road, Room C-108 

College of Social Science
Berkey Hall
509 E. Circle Drive, Room 201
Amy Deitrickson
Samatha Jackson

James Madison College
South Case Hall
842 Chestnut Road, Room 356
Karissa Chabot-Purchase

Residential College in the Arts and Humanities
Snyder Phillips Hall
361 Physics Road, Room C-320E
Allison Fox

Lyman Briggs College
Holmes Hall
919 E. Shaw Land, Room W-186
Krysta Coleman

College of Music
Music Practice Building
345 W. Circle Dr., Room 202
Christine Beamer

College of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Medical Center 
748 Wilson Road, room F-105
Paul Edwards