Your Journey to Career Success: Cultural Identity & Learning

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Thuy-Tram Butler, Career Consultant, College of Social Science

Campus life is fun, but can also be challenging. You may miss friends and family, as well as the familiar foods and routines of home. Some students struggle to adapt academically or socially. Such reactions are all normal responses to adjusting to campus, as MSU alumnae Melissa Rodriguez discusses in this featured video on cultural identity and learning.  

When I was an undergraduate student at MSU, I initially struggled academically.  Asking for help was not an ingrained part of my culture and cultural identity, so I approached these struggles silently. I didn’t know how to ask for help, and I didn’t know about all the resources that were available to me. This started to change once a professor suggested that I see my academic advisor to discuss resources. After going to help rooms, I began to better understand the concepts and thrive in my classes. With my classes under control, I started to engage more with campus activities. I started to find people and spaces that I could share and celebrate my cultural identity.  These changes helped me to have a more positive experience on campus.  

If you need support and connections, where might you start?  If you are looking for advice on succeeding in classes, reach out to your academic advisor.  Looking for information on connecting your major to careers, or gaining experience, schedule an appointment to meet with a career advisor.

Resources exist at MSU to help you in your journey to academic and career success.  What next step will you take to connect with support networks? 

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By Thuy-Tram Butler
Thuy-Tram Butler Career Consultant, College of Social Science