Alumna Making Waves in the Agriculture Industry

Celia Salmon Headshot

Celia Salmon: Taking the road less traveled

“Growing up the daughter of a dairy veterinarian, I spent a lot of time riding with my dad when my daycare would shut down during summer. My mother also works in research and …

By Jill Cords
Jill Cords Career Consultant, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources Jill Cords
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Spartan Showcase: Gaining Experience within a Grassroots Organization

Reese McCaskill Jr Head Shot

Michigan State University third-year student, Reese McCaskill Jr., dreams of a career in public service. Majoring in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy and Social Relations and Policy at James Madison College (JMC), McCaskill Jr. hopes his coursework in policy will …

By Sammi Williams
Sammi Williams Social Relations and Policy Major
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