Your Journey to Career Success: Sense of Belonging

People are intrinsically social and have a strong need to feel included in groups. This sense of connection and affiliation with others is often called a sense of belonging. Students who have a sense of belonging feel more connected to …

By Thuy-Tram Butler
Thuy-Tram Butler Career Consultant, College of Social Science
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Ask an Expert: Highlighting Arts Experiences and Skills on Your Resume

Question: How should I highlight my arts experience on my resume and in an interview?

Many of us get involved in the arts to provide a creative outlet, have fun with friends, or help our mental health. And anyone who …

By Christine Bastian
Christine Bastian Director of Career Education, College of Music
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Bachelor's degree graduates continue education.



Undergraduate students complete an internship.



Bachelor's degree graduates work or continue education.

*Data Source: Post-graduation outcomes and experiences of bachelor’s degree recipients (2018-2022).