Your Journey to Career Success: Expanding Cultural Horizons

Thuy-Tram Butler Headshot

Thuy-Tram Butler, Career Consultant, College of Social Science

As Spring Semester comes to a close, take time to reflect on how you can learn from others and find common ground with people from different backgrounds and experiences. Make time to embrace diverse opportunties to gain exposure that may lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of other people and their cultures.

In this featured video, Heather Wilson talks about her experiences working abroad in China. Her story may inspire you to take time to immerse yourself in another culture through a study abroad program. A mindset of curiosity and exploration can be applied to a wide range of activities, far beyond study abroad. You can expand your cultural horizons almost anywhere by intentionally showing up and engaging in opportunities for growth presented by your environment and those around you. 

What will your next steps be to expand your cultural horizons? We are excited to see where your Spartan Journey leads you next.   

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By Kristi Coleman
Kristi Coleman Director, Network Partnerships and Career Education - Career Services Network