Connect Majors and Careers

Have you ever thought that your choice in major will dictate your future career options? Or that you are the only one who is unsure about your major choice? You’re not alone! Most Spartans change their major at least one time during their undergraduate studies, and we know that employers and graduate schools in most industries care more about your experiences than a specific major of study. With so many majors to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Check out the tips and resources below to get started:

  • Take classes related to different fields (majors) to narrow down your choices.
  • Take advantage of all the volunteer and research opportunities available at MSU.
    As you have new experiences in college, you’ll probably find that your interests and preferences change and develop, which helps with your decision. 
  • Talk to professors, academic advisors, family, friends, or professionals about your thoughts and to learn more about different fields
  • Check out the Career Outcomes page to see what Spartan alumni have gone on to do
  • Meet with a career advisor to talk about potential options or discuss taking a career assessment

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Bachelor's degree graduates continue education.



Undergraduate students complete an internship.



Bachelor's degree graduates work or continue education.

*Data Source: Post-graduation outcomes and experiences of bachelor’s degree recipients (2019-2023).