Your Journey to Career Success: Seeking Help & Mental Health Awareness

Thuy-Tram Butler Headshot

Thuy-Tram Butler, Career Consultant, College of Social Science

What do you do when life throws you a curve ball or a setback happens? How do you manage your basic needs and your studies when things take a turn for the worse?  Sometimes you need to seek help to ensure you have the resources to continue forward, such as MSU Alumnae Robin Myers mentions in this featured video on seeking help and Mickey Davis in this featured video on mental health awareness.  

It is smart to seek help especially when you are facing mental, emotional, or physical difficulties. People often share the good news in life, but not the struggles they have endured or the periods of sadness they have experienced when life presents disappointments or even losses.  Sometimes we need a little extra help on our journey and could use someone to support, encourage, or lift us up.  Many people find it helpful to talk through their challenges with a mental health professional. 

Is there a challenge you are facing where you could use support? Could you support a friend in need of help with a challenge they are facing? What will you do this week to support yourself or someone else? 

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By Thuy-Tram Butler
Thuy-Tram Butler Career Consultant, College of Social Science