Network Partners

Network Partners (NP) is a consulting and talent-leasing firm committed to the professional and personal growth of our colleagues. Embracing a 21st Century culture of collaboration, trust and innovative work arrangements are a few of the ways NP helps organizations and individuals succeed. NP Packaging engineers work with some of the leading companies within the medical device and pharmaceutical industries and gain years of valuable industry knowledge and experience across several packaging disciplines, all while working for one company…NP. If you’re interested in being one of the most highly regarded, sought after packaging engineers in the industry, and building a base of experience beyond your years, NP has career opportunities that will take you places…literally. Dare to have a different perspective. In addition to wildly competitive compensation, employees enjoy a number of distinctive benefits and flexible work arrangements. Our new grad colleagues receive hands on mentoring and coaching from industry experts while also having the opportunity to lead projects.

Some companies view packaging as an after thought, at NP packaging is our only thought! NP’s Packaging team is built by, and composed of, packaging engineers. We have worked across various packaging disciplines and understand numerous facets of the industry. Check us out at https://www.networkpartners.com and see how we celebrate the discipline of package engineering in an open-talent economy.