Spartan Showcase: Marketing Operations Internship

SpartanShowcase, Maddy Eischer

Maddy Eischer, Junior, Majors: Apparel and Textile Design & Genomics and Molecular Genetics

In the midst of the global pandemic, Michigan State University junior Maddy Eischer secured a virtual internship with the online beauty publication, Very Good Light. As a marketing operations intern, she has worked on a variety of projects with professionals in the publication and the beauty industry.

To acquire this position, Eischer used her personal and professional network. She reached out to those in her personal life, such as family and friends, who had jobs that interested her and were in line with her field of study. From that search, she was put in contact with an employee of Very Good Light and later secured an internship with the company.

Working with a smaller organization, according to Eischer, has allowed her to take on a variety of responsibilities. She began working on the merchandising team, drafting ideas for clothing and logo designs. Her work has expanded and she is currently working on outreach campaigns, in charge of communicating via text and email to the publication’s subscribers. Additionally, she supports the company’s e-commerce initiatives, through website design and merchandise ordering.

Though Eischer has learned a lot from this opportunity, one of the biggest lessons she has learned is “how to manage my time and cover all my responsibilities.” She has juggled classwork, as well as her interning responsibilities, though not without challenges. Furthermore, Eischer has expanded her technical skills and business acumen. Through her experience, Eischer learned the value in developing time management skills and keeping in contact with one’s connections, such as those who helped her secure her position.

As a double major in Apparel and Textile Design and Genomics and Molecular Genetics, Eischer has learned to combine her dueling interests, taking creativity and attention to detail from her “art side,” while her knowledge of scientific procedure has helped her meet deadlines, focus, and problem solve.  Eischer wants students to know that it is possible to combine one’s differing interests academically and professionally. “Be comfortable being uncomfortable,” she said. New environments can be intimidating, but one can learn a lot from that discomfort.

Upon graduation, Eischer hopes to take a gap year in New York City to work in the fashion industry before attending medical school.

By Sammi Williams
Sammi Williams Social Relations and Policy Major