Your Journey to Career Success: Building Relationships

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Thuy-Tram Butler, Career Consultant, College of Social Science

Relationships are important for navigating the challenges of academic programs, careers, and other experiences in life. Some of these relationships can even develop into trusted guides and mentors who can serve on your very own personal Board of Directors. Darius Harris mentions in this featured video on building relationships how he sought out mentors in his community and guidance from academic advisors, career advisors, and professors. His willingness to be vulnerable and open to making connections aligned with his interests, resulted in him establishing a personal Board of Directors that has helped him within his academic and career journeys.    

 Each of us can foster relationships by connecting with others, giving support and encouragement when needed, and recognizing individuals’ unique talents and skills. For example, if you are hoping to learn new skills or improve your abilities, ask someone with expertise for a little advice. You can be encouraging to others by taking time to reach out to ask them about their day, truly listen without judgement to their response, and provide support when it seems right. Over time, these connections may develop into a mentor/mentee relationship.

Building relationships can take time. It took time for me to find people who were truly interested in guiding and mentoring me, but that’s okay, I kept trying until I found the right group of mentors who formed my own Board of Directors. 

Who will you try to connect with this week?    

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By Thuy-Tram Butler
Thuy-Tram Butler Career Consultant, College of Social Science