Thank You Note Guide

Sample Note
Email Subject and Greeting: Write a concise, clear subject line and address your recipient formally using their preferred pronoun.
Subject: Thank You – Production Internship Interview

Dear Mr. Bird,

Paragraph One: Thank interviewer(s) for meeting with you.
Thank you for taking the time to host me at Sesame Street’s headquarters to discuss my fit for your Production Intern role. I appreciated the opportunity to hear more about the position and meet members of your production team during our time together.

Paragraph Two: Reiterate your qualifications and interest in the role. Include skills or accomplishments you’d like to further emphasize or that you didn’t have a chance to mention during your interview.
As the editing intern for the Yo Gabba Gabba! summer production staff, I relied on my experience with video editing software (including adopting new tools quickly), my understanding of storytelling techniques, and my commitment to meeting tight deadlines to add value to my team. I’m confident those skills would translate directly to this role and help the Sesame Street crew meet the ambitious summer production goals you described to me.

Closing Paragraph: Thank the interviewer(s) again for their time and invite them to stay in touch with further questions.
Thank you again for your consideration of my candidacy. I welcome you to stay in touch with any questions that come up during your decision-making process.

Tip: Include your digital signature above your full name for a final personal touch.


Daniel Tiger

Timing and Mode of Delivery

  • Always send an email to express your gratitude after an interview.
  • Ideally, send your message within 24 hours of your meeting.
  • If you know the hiring process isn’t moving quickly, feel free to send a written thank you note for an extra personal touch.

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