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Spartan Showcase: Marketing Operations Internship

In the midst of the global pandemic, Michigan State University junior Maddy Eischer secured a virtual internship with the online beauty publication, Very Good Light. As a marketing operations intern, she has worked on a variety of projects with professionals …

By Sammi Williams
Sammi Williams Social Relations and Policy Major
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MSU Connect Helps Students and Alumni Make Powerful Connections

As graduation looms and many students prepare to take on post-grad life, the job search often leaves students wondering, “Do I have what it takes? How do I stand out from other applicants? How can I show what makes me …

By Terri Hughes-Lazzell
Terri Hughes-Lazzell
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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Major

Choosing a college major can be hard. Some students have known what they wanted to be since they were three years old; others aren’t sure, even with college right around the corner. Whether you’re already in college or you’ve just …

By College Board
College Board
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Bachelor's degree graduates continue education.



Undergraduate students complete an internship.



Bachelor's degree graduates work or continue education.


*Data Source: Post-graduation outcomes and experiences of spring & summer bachelor’s degree recipients (2018- 2020).